2023 Program

F R I D A Y  -  2 4  F E B R U A R Y  2 0 2 3



9:00 am

Welcoming Remarks
Dr. Kevin Orr, Director, University of Florida School of Music

Our Online Conference: How Will it Work?
Dr. Jonathan Helton, Conference Host

9:15 am

Oriri ex Cinere - Zechariah Goh (b. 1970)

Shyen Lee, saxophone
Tipwatoo Aramwittaya, piano

9:40 am

Two-Minute Teaching Tip: Developing a Consistent Air Stream with Paper
Joshua Huff, University of Florida

9:45 am

Merton Songs (2021) - Jerry Chiwei Hui (b. 1981)
   Love Winter When the Plant Says Nothing
   O Sweet, Irrational Worship

Chris Dickhaus, saxophone
Jerry (Chiwei) Hui, countertenor

10:00 am

Start Them Young: Discover the latest low-cost devices you can use to help any child with small hands play sax
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10:30 am

Rock-Jazz and Electronic-Latin Music for Saxophone

Saxotronic Latino (2023) - Wisuwat Pruksavanich (b.1985)
W o r l d   P r e m i e r e 

Wisuwat Pruksavanich, saxophone

An Imperfect Scheme (2022) - Wisuwat Pruksavanich

Wisuwat Pruksavanich, saxophone
Passakorn Morasilpin, saxophone
Juthamas Saisaeng, electric guitar

10:45 am

The Red Saxophone: Hanns Eisler and Applied Music in Interwar Berlin
Andrew Allen, Georgia College

11:40 am

Lecture: Astor Piazzolla’s Tango Etudes for Saxophone
Jorge Retamoza, Buenos Aires, Argentina


1:30 pm

How We End "Clarinet First" Elementary Sax Education
Rulon Brown

2:25 pm

Three Moments for alto saxophone, cello and fixed media electronics (2019) - Timothy Reed (b. 1976)
   “...a never departing shadow...”
   “...as a weak tree bent in the wind...”
   “...the path of the stars...”

Lake Reflecting Stars with Moonrise (2008, revised 2010) - Augusta Read Thomas (b. 1964)

Bid Call for alto saxophone and cello (2002) - Libby Larsen (b. 1950)
   Rapidfire with Bodra

Bro-Fowler Duo
Paul Bro
, saxophone
Kurt Fowler, cello

3:05 pm

Sooza Brass Band and the History of Acoustic Dance Music: A Lecture Recital
Ryan Gamberino, University of Florida

3:35 pm

From the Neck Up - Building Better Saxophone Fundamentals
Kyle Jones, Northwest Missouri State University

4:15 pm

Duet for Alto Saxophones (1990) - David N. Baker (1931-2016)

Martinez/Ikegaya Duo
Ricardo Martinez, alto saxophone
Hayato Ikegaya, alto saxophone

4:40 pm

Altissimo Debunked? Anatomically Analyzing the Larynx
Matthew James, University of Southern Mississippi

5:20 pm

Death Before Decaf : Fresh Grind for Saxophone Quartet - Joshua D. Tomlinson (b. 1986)

Extremity Quartet
Michael Bovenzi, soprano saxophone
Ruben Gedlaman, alto saxophone
Lukas Ferrell, tenor saxophone
Kedrick Adams, baritone saxophone

S A T U R D A Y  -  2 5  F E B R U A R Y  2 0 2 3


9:00 am

12 Preludi per sassofono contralto solo - Andrea Vezzoli (b. 1982)
W o r l d   P r e m i e r e 

Valzer n° 2 for soprano saxophone and piano - Andrea Vezzoli
W o r l d   P r e m i e r e 

Alabastrum for sopranino saxophone and piano - Carmelo Luca Sambataro (b. 1979)
W o r l d   P r e m i e r e 

Isabella Stabio, alto, soprano, and sopranino saxophones
Carmelo Luca Sambataro, piano

9:25 am

Two-Minute Teaching Tip: Smart mistakes: concrete, positive strategies to help students sharpen self-assessment in the practice room
Derek Granger, The Hartt School

9:30 am

Forgotten Saxophone Repertoire
Nicolas Prost, Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Saint Maur / Paris, France

10:30 am

Nicolas Prost Recital

Saxophonia - Paul Bonneau (1918-1995)

Im Zehn Minuten (1934) - Lars Erik Larsson (1908-1986)

El Guepardo (2020) - Alban Darche (b. 1974)

Prelude et Toccata (1932) - Fernande Decruck (1896-1954)

I Am (2018) - Benoit Menut (b. 1977) Based on a poem by John Clare

Windy (2020) - Nicolas Prost (b. 1971)

Bop (2020) - Nicolas Prost

Click Time (2018) - Jean-Baptiste Robin (b. 1976)

Prelude en Harpegement Livre V - Marin Marais (1656-1728)

Le Petit Badinage - Marin Marais (1656-1728)

Le Bal des Voleurs (1938/40) - Darius Milhaud (1892-1974) & Georges Auric (1899-1983)

Hop' Sax (2020) - John Helliwell (b. 1945)

Nicolas Prost, soprano and alto saxophones

11:00 am

Question and Answer Session with Nicolas Prost

11:15 am

Sax Love: A candid Q&A about keeping your sax happy and healthy, with repair tech and saxophonist Rulon Brown
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11:45 am

Concerto for saxophone alto and orchestre - Henri Tomasi (1901-1971)
   I. Andante et allegro

Sonate for saxophone alto et piano - Edison Denisov (1929-1996)
   Allegro moderato

Inés Sánchez Benito, alto saxophone
Isabel Puente Mendez, piano

12:15 pm

Déjà Vu - Katherine Ann Murdock (b. 1949)

Arkansas Saxophone Quartet
Jackie Lamar, soprano
Caroline Taylor, alto saxophone
Brent Bristow, tenor saxophone
Andrew Cook, baritone saxophone


1:30 pm

Six Tango Etudes - Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) arr. J. Retamoza and F. Lerman
   I. Décidé
   II. Anxieux et rubato
   V. Enérgico
   VI. Avec anxiété
   IV. Lento-meditativo
   III. Molto marcato e energico

Jorge Retamoza, saxophone
Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra
Manfred Neuman, conductor

Concertmaster: Thomas Hemkemeier
Violins: Johannes Kiefel, Malgorzata Zagozdon, Jacek Gebka, Dhristoph Menzel,  Jie-Ming Li, Radegund Stoecklin
Violas: Benjamin Rivinius, Justyna Sikorska, Jessica Sommer
Cellos: Min-Jung Suh, Julien Blondel
Bass: Katja Pendzig
Recording Producer / Editing / Mastering:  Ralf Schnellbach
Photo & Video editing: Mariano Gringaus
Remix & Re-Mastering: Ariel Gato 

Suite del Año de la Tanguedia - Jorge Retamoza (b. 1960)
   Año Tanguedia
   Las Ausencias
   Hora de Cierre

Jorge Retamoza Cuarteto
Matías Rubino
, bandoneón 
Gastón Harisquiry, piano 
Roberto Seitz, double bass
Jorge Retamoza, baritone saxophone

Video Edition: El Pájaro Films
Mixing: Norberto Villagra
Mastering: Santiago Retamoza

2:15 pm

Gender Sensitive Music Education: Promoting equity in the music classroom
Andrea Van Acker, Academie Wilrijk & Merksem, Antwerp, Belgium

2:55 pm

World Premieres for Tenor Saxophone

Luí na Gréine Rós (Rose Sunset) - Martin Gaughan (b. 1968)

Meanings | معاني  - Sami Seif (b. 1998)

Shadow Land - Gala Flagello (b. 1994)

Explorations - Robert Gross (b. 1973)

Andrew Hosler, tenor saxophone

3:25 pm

Bleached (2023) - Libby Larsen (b. 1950)
W o r l d   P r e m i e r e 

Benjamin Cold, saxophone
Lina Morita, piano
Jay Kacherski, guitar
Brian Nozny, percussion

3:45 pm

Soundscapes of the Four Seasons (2012) - Fang Man (b. 1977)
   Image I
   Image II
   Image III
   Image IV

Raqs (2014) - Kenneth Broadway (b. 1966)

Paul Lessard, saxophone
Matthew Geiger, percussion

4:05 pm

La Muerte del Ángel - Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992)

La Milonga del Ángel - Astor Piazzolla 

Helton-Thomas Duo with Mariano Manzanelli
Jonathan Helton
, saxophone
Steven Thomas, cello
Mariano Manzanelli, piano